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LGBTQ+ 101


Learn the roots of homophobia

Separate the facts from the myths about LGBTQ+

Learn the power of acceptance

This country takes hate very seriously - and there are over 900 organized hate groups to prove it. Our society is increasingly apathetic and violent. Early on, many are taught to hate the enemy, to be fearful of the other, to feel threatened by those different from them. Participating in groups with hateful beliefs and expressions provides a connection that perhaps fills the emptiness or inner pain.

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After Hours Film Festival Best LGBTQ Short

Black Swan Best LGBTQ+ Documentary

Cinemount International Film Festival

Gangkok Int'l Best LGBTQ+ Documentary

Gold Star Movie Awards Best Short Doc

Golden Wings Best LGBTQ+ Short Film

International Gold Awards Best LGBTQ Film


Luis Bunuel Best LGBTQ Film

Mabig Film Festival Best LGBTQ+ Film

Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Festival Favorite

Red Film Strip Film Festival Best LGBTQ+ Film

Royal Society of Television Best LGBTQ+ Film

Thinking Hat Fiction Best LGBTQ+ Film

Virgin Spring Cinefest Best LGBTQ+ Film


After Hours Film Festival

Black Swan International Film Festival

Cinemount International Film Festival

Festival Angaelica

Gangkok International Film Festival

Gold Star Movie Awards

Fishnets and Film

Florence Film Awards

Golden Wings International Film Awards

International Gold Awards

International Social Change Film Festival



Kids First!

Level Up Film Festival

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards

Mabig Film Festival

New Jersey Film Awards

The Palm Springs LGBTQ+ Film Festival

Red Film Strip Film Festival

Royal Society of Television & Music Picture Awards

Santa Monica Film Awards

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge

Virgin Spring Cinefest

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