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The mark of a successful training presentation for a viewer is the amount of sustainable information and retention. Knowing time is scarce and attention spans are short, we have designed innovative, transformational training solutions from four minutes to 30 minutes in length. 

On creating series and courses for students, temporary workers, new hires, and seasoned professionals alike, we have always felt that true education occurs when a subject is presented from all angles. Widening perspectives while acquiring vast knowledge is essential to understanding a subject, ourselves, and others. 

Now, let's apply this to business. For an organization to be successful and pleasant for both the employee and customer, standardization must be in place, enforced, and exampled from the top down. An impressive resume does not guarantee a constructive attitude, common sense, or team player.

To understand and implement the myriad of components that comprise a successful organization, one must shine a light on the entire operation -

and how each part adds to the whole.

Imagine a workplace productive, enjoyable, sustainable, and safe. Imagine coworkers creating, cooperating, compassionate, and energized. It takes training every single employee and manager in the organization because transformation of a workplace begins with transformation within each person. 

An effective training film should expose the viewer to the whole, widen the view, and how everyone impacts the work environment. Themes of positive self-image, empathy, responsibility, and positivity should flow through every frame. The results of an effective training program are enormous when everyone is supported, educated, and on the same page. Coworkers with a problem will learn they are not alone and can change. Coworkers without a problem will learn to be aware and supportive for their coworker with the problem. Education, self-evaluation, and desire to serve are the foundation of an insightful, cooperative, and attractive coworker.

PowerSplash Project is a multi-award winning film production company contributing to the wellness of others since 2007.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

– Benjamin Franklin

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