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Social Issues

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Explore ways to expand your acceptance of others

Widen your perspective of life styles and challenges

Learn about the perils of prejudice

Here is a universal story about prejudice, tolerance, and acceptance. A wise man recalls how his curiosity as a child helped him meet so many wonderful friends: Marcy who could not walk, Jimmy who could not see, and Julie who could not hear. He speaks of Ramon who was chided for being overweight and his uncle who was gay. He carefully reflects that people are often afraid of what they don't understand.

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Learn the four types of parenting

Learn what a child should be taught by 18 years of age

Learn if you really would like to someday be a parent and when

It is one thing to give birth. It is another to be a parent. Parenting impacts the world - and it is time for people to pause and examine if they should be a parent, how to improve parenting, and commit to resolving their own issues that adversely affect children. Designed as an emotional experience to inspire discussion, the viewer will explore the vast complexities of living one's life let alone raising a child.

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Learn how a bully is born

Observe the phenomenon of cyber bullying

Learn how prevention begins with you

Award Winning Film. Every 7 minutes a child is being bullied on the playground. The noise of bullying echoes across our nation every day. The cries of victims fill the halls and school yards in every town. The goal of the bully is to take advantage, and take control over, the victim. Bullying is here because we accept it, normalize it, and accept it. The good news is that the behavior of a bully is learned and can be unlearned.

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Learn the many sides of a complicated issue

Honor victims of this growing epidemic

Learn how to gather facts, actively listen, and respond respectfully

On a cold snowy morning, Billy rehearses his speech on rampage shootings as he walks to school. Violence is the result of biological, social, and psychological factors. Though DNA cannot be altered, we can provide help for abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, rejection, and abandonment. Understanding human behavior will add depth to your views on violence, motivation, and mental wellness.

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Observe the gift of tolerance

Observe the gift of love

Explore teaching acceptance instead of hate

Against a background of joyful, innocent babies, a heartfelt narrative unfolds about whether others will choose to teach tolerance or hatred to these newest of human beings. Will they be accepted as they are or will they be ridiculed for the shape of their body or the color of their face? Will we teach them to speak their minds or silence their every question?

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