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Three Minute Solutions

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Schedules and Deadlines.

Skillsets and Training.

Conflicts and Resolutions.

Every day, hundreds of moving parts must move in just the right direction to complete projects efficiently and on time. Tension and errors arise when poor behavior or poor training grinds progress to a halt.

Imagine a brief motivational training program of soft skills and behavioral guidance. Even the most highly skilled personnel may have habits in need of improvement. It's time to review the basics. It's time to get everyone on the same page. You choose the categories. You choose the training order! Three minute investments may well improve attitudes and perspectives. 


Engage and Motivate


Improvements through Change

Adaptability Skills

Embracing Progress

When managers mention the word "change" - what comes to mind? Dread? Fear? Perhaps You should consider thinking of the benefits of change in the workplace. We can think of eight just off the top of our head. Once you hear them, we think you will have a new feeling about change.


The Art of Civility


Sexual Harassment

Ever measure the cost of workplace incivility? It's been described as the gateway drug to workplace harassment. Incivility is disruptive to productivity and morale - and is more subtle than bullying, yelling, or physical violence. Every employee deserves respect in the workplace.


Communication Dysfunction

Beliefs and Mindsets

Communicating Clearly

We all want to be heard but we should also want to understand. It is useful to clarify ideas before expressing them to another. When conversing, be aware of your tone, your content, and your presentation. How you say things is as important as what you say.


Rationale of Complaining

Dealing with Complaining

Reduce the Habit of Complaining

The footsteps of a chronic complainer coming toward you could cause stress. It is important to learn ways to handle an uncomfortable situation. Bringing closure to a complaint is often as simple as letting go of what's out of your control.


The Nature of Conflict

Conflict Awareness

Conflict Resolution

Poor communication at work could be exhausting and affect your emotional well-being. Negative talk is toxic and can destroy morale. But conflict, in and of itself, is not the problem. It is the tools we use to address conflict and bring people together instead of tearing them apart. 

3MS-Constructive Feedback.jpg

Praise and Criticism

Constructive Feedback

Tips for a Good Presentation

Employees do not learn from humiliation or embarrassment - and great managers do not criticize in public. As the saying goes "praise in public, criticize constructively in private." Indeed, criticizing in privately will decrease an employee's defense mechanisms.

3MS-Constructive Words.jpg

Professional Emails

Words and Phrases

A Dose of Humor

Empowering words and phrases are crucial to a harmonic workplace. In addition, humor can ease tension, make work more fun, and help build trust. Constructive communication will unify coworkers and make them feel valued and respected.

3MS-Cultural Awareness.jpg

Celebrate Diversity

Unconscious Bias

Cultural Competence

Unconscious biases, which include favorable and unfavorable assessments, are learned assumptions, beliefs, or attitudes - that we may not even be aware of. It greatly affects the way we think and act. It can also affect how we interact with others.

3MS-Customer Service.jpg

Customer Needs

Customer Service

Consumer Behaviors

With an estimated six trillion dollars available for purchasing worldwide, companies should pay attention to consumer behaviors. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%. Price is not the main incentive, it is the quality of service.


Anger Management

Avoid the Dramatics


Research shows that most angry outbursts arise from frustration or feeling socially threatened. There are many useful reactions that reduce the acceleration of harmful emotions. It is imperative we monitor and manage our emotions.


Improving Self-Esteem

Maximizing Optimism

Empower Yourself

Low self-esteem is a self-fulfilling prophecy - but so is confidence. In every situation, you have the power to see the good. With daily use, your positive emotions will broaden and strengthen. Optimism increases your coping abilities, boosts energy, and builds resilience.

3MS-Exemplary Employees.jpg

Traits of a Valuable Employee

Aspiring to Management

Number One Focus

Job security and opportunities for advancement generally rely on the traits of a valuable employee. Here are ten traits to aspire to: from being conscientious and taking steps to improve themselves, to never procrastinating, to taking deadlines seriously.

3MS-Fun at Work.jpg

Make it a Fun Day

Employee Engagement

Value of Internal Surveys

Even if you think there is no better place to be than at work, sooner or later you will tire of the routine. Mix it up with special day activities such as Sundae Cart Day, Cooking Platter Day, Food Delivery Day, and more more social activities guaranteed to spark enthusiasm


First Aid at Work

First Aid Tips


First aid at work is necessary temporary assistance and does not take the place of professional medical care. All employees should understand and receive training for basic first aid so they can respond in a quick and appropriate manner.


Qualities of Great Leadership

Teamwork is a Commitment


Great leadership steers the company talent to attain mutual success. Indeed, the skills of great leadership can certainly be learned, mirrored, developed, and mastered. It's time to celebrate the many qualities you have and work toward acquiring the rest.

3MS-Mental Health.jpg

Mental Health Stigma

Understanding Mental Health

Discussing Mental Health

Globally, 450 million people are afflicted with mental illness worldwide. 12 billion working days are lost every year due to depression and anxiety. Discussing mental health at work is essential to well-being. There are many constructive ways to begin discussions.

3MS-Negative Behaivor.jpg

Gossip and the Grapevine

The Harm of Antagonism

Minimizing Negativity

Gossip can be positive. Unfortunately, gossip is often negative and perpetuates mean-spirited dramas, strains relationships, and undermines the organization. Negative gossip especially flourishes in toxic workplaces and can cause turnover of valuable employees.

3MS-Office Politics.jpg

Nature of Office Politics

Opinions, Beliefs, and Facts

Open Door Policy

A belief is something you regard to be true but may not always be so. Thoughts you hold true influence the things you do; therefore, it is all the more reason to be aware of what you are thinking. Do you observe your thoughts? Do you question why you do the things you do?

3MS-Organizing Workstation.jpg

Set the Tone for a Productive Day

Organizing your Desktop

Strategy to Attain Efficiency

The first couple of minutes of your workday can greatly impact your attitude and productivity. Did you know about 80% of clutter in the office is the result of being disorganized, not lack of space? It is time to learn strategies to attain efficiency.



Safety Awareness


Every eight seconds a work injury occurs. Start your day thinking safety first. Be aware of proper posture and rules of ergonomics. Ask for help if a load is too heavy or awkward. Obey safety signs, stickers, and tags. Let's check out your workstation for correct set-up.


Taking Care of Yourself Everyday

Benefits of Guilt

Self-Actualization at Work

Self-actualization is the full realization of one's creative, intellectual, or social potential. Human motivation is based on seeking fulfillment through personal growth. Employees want to evolve, be challenged with more responsibilities, and reach their goals.

3MS-Starting the Workday.jpg

How to Wake Up your Body

How to Wake Up your Brain

Starting the Workday

Do you have a hard time waking up your body and brain? First, consider your daily habits, diet, exercise, and thoughts. On your way to work, tell yourself that you're confident, adaptive, respectful, innovative, detail-oriented, and have a thick skin. Follow the list of priorities.

3MS-Successful Habits.jpg

Successful Habits of Motivated People

Successful Critiques

What Successful Employees Do Everyday

Success is certainly not by accident and is not always defined with a dollar amount. Seeing your success can be reflected in your daily habits. Take a look at our list of seventeen good habits. Incorporate them into your daily work routine to make yourself and the company sustainable and successful.


Time Management

IT Security

What Employees Should Know

Security isn't just a technical problem, security is also an employee problem. The top security objective is to prevent employees from falling prey to cyber danger. It is essential to set the tone by providing on-going appropriate training.


Wellness Committee

Wellness Program

Wellness Benefits

Experiencing well-being is when coworkers address normal stresses, work productivity, and realize their potential. Research indicates that healthy employees are far more likely to achieve outstanding achievements. Here are creative ideas for a wellness program for your workplace.

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