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Workplace Wellness

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Learn the facts about aging

Learn the importance of staying active

Learn ways to adjust to retirement

Nowadays, people enjoy a longer life expectancy. However, there are those obsessed with the uncomfortable conditions that come with aging. Since people are often afraid of what they don't understand, let's discuss the facts. If you get to be older, you have survived many obstacles and many challenges. And you still have emotions to express and opportunities to explore. If there is a fountain of youth, it is keeping your mind open, brain active, and making sound decisions.

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Learn how people with disabilities inspired innovations

Learn why people with disabilities are great employees

Learn how to make accommodations for people with disabilities

The government wants more people with disabilities to be gainfully employed; but many employers are scared of the unknown. People with disabilities represent an untapped labor force of talented, dedicated people - and an exceptional workplace is comprised on people of all abilities. Keep in mind that people with disabilities have inspired innovations such as closed-captioning, voice activation, and spell check.

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Learn the dangers of substance abuse in the workplace

Learn the impact of working with someone inebriated

Learn how companies can address this prevalent issue

Alcohol is the most widely used and abused substance in our country. In fact, 140 million Americans drink alcohol. 67.1 million are binge drinker, and 16.6 million are heavy drinkers. Most job assignments involve being accurate and alert, require reflexes, and caring for the welfare of their coworkers. Employees that have substance abuse issues are less productive and are 70% more likely to injure themselves.

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Learn why it is mostly men that harass others

Learn when an environment become sexually hostile

Learn ways to disarm the perpetrator

Many men have difficulty handling power and money with grace. Intense issues of entitlement and control often go unchecked, thus become the norm. And powerful men who are focused solely on themselves are more likely to objectify others. The men exploit and mistreat others simply because they can get away with it. Victims of chronic harassment can suffer the same psychological effects as rape victims.

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Learn the similarities of parenting in the animal kingdom and human experience

Learn how the preciousness of childhood memories serve you well

Learn how we can grieve unforeseen events

Multi-Award Winner. The narrator shares her lifelong fascination with penguins. Like humans, not all chicks look the same. They vary in size and plumage color. But bonding is an important part of raising a penguin, and the parents kiss their babies a lot. Family and friends provide a loving network in towns and villages called rookeries. As they get older, penguins proudly spread their wings and leave the nest.

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Learn the connection between anxiety and depression

Learn the habits that contribute to anxiety that you can break

Learn what to tell yourself the next time you are depressed

Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder in the U.S. affecting 40 million adults. About half of those diagnosed with anxiety disorders also suffer from depression. Experiencing occasional anxiety and worry is normal, but people with anxiety orders experience excessive and persistent fear about everyday situations. These anxiety disorders are often inherited and occur by faulty circuits in the brain that control fear.

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Learn the warning signs and conversation codes

Learn that suicide is preventable

Learn how to talk with someone considering suicide

Some people can feel trapped and unable to cope with stressful situations. They are overwhelmed and cannot find a remedy within. Pain. It is an inevitable part of life, but sometimes the pain is so crippling that escape from it seems hopeless. The choice is either to reduce the pain or find ways to cope. But people in a state of despair may not be able to process and support themselves in a way that is positive.

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Learn the importance of a good night's sleep

Learn about sleep disorders

Learn treatments for insomnia

On planet Earth, we spend about one-third of our time asleep, and more than 75% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 598 report having difficulty sleeping on a regular basis. And people over 60 may not sleep as deeply as those younger. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise, and the amount of sleep you need depends on your age, health, and lifestyle.

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Learn how to diffuse potentially violent situations

Learn ways to secure the workplace

Learn proper procedures to report incidents

Violence. Prevention. People used to resolve their differences through talking. Now, the tendency is to use violence as the initial problem-solving technique. In fact, one out of four employees are harassed, threatened, or attacked. Worker violence should never be regarded as part of the job. Prevention programs that do not consider harassment in all forms are unlikely to be effective.

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