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Learn the history of misinformation

Learn how human bias plays an important role

Learn the importance of media literacy

Fake news is not new - but now it's digital. Fake news misleads or deceives viewers, misleads or hurts an opposing side, manipulates public opinion, causes mistrust and confusion, and inflames passions and prejudices. From click-bait headlines to cyber disinformation, we are easily manipulated; and organizations and governments benefit and profit from our gullibility. The louder voice may not be the wisest.

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Accolade Global Film Special Mention

Accolade Global Film Humanitarian Award

Berlin Shorts Festival Best Documentary Short

Better World Film Festival Honorable Mention

Cairo Indie Short Festival

CHINH India Kids Special Award

Dreamz Catcher Best Experimental Short

Hong Kong Indie Best Experimental Short

Int'l Festival of Sriganganagar Best Documentary

Krimson Phenomenal Attainment Award

LA Independent Film Best Documentary Short

Silver Mask Best Experimental Short

Thinking Hat Film Challenge Best Director

Top Indie Best Short, Best Writing, Best Editing

Under the Stars Best Short Documentary

World Film Carnival - Singapore Best Short Film


7th Art Festival of Miami

8 & Halfilm Awards

Awareness Festival

Bare Bones Documentary Festival

Berlin Shorts Festival

Better World Film Festival

Cairo Indie Short Festival

Calgary Independent Festival

Chautauqua Film Festival

Chhatrapati International Film Festival

CHINH India Kids Film Festival

Crossings Poetic Festival

Dallas Shorts

Dreamz Catcher International

Hollywood Gold Awards

Hollywood Golden Age Festival

Hong Kong Indie Film Festival

International Film Festival of Sriganganagar

Kids First! Film Festival

Krimson Horyzon International Festival

LA Independent Film Channel Festival

Madrid Arthouse Film Festival

Near Nazareth Festival

New York Neorealism Film Awards

The Next International Short Film Festival

Niagara Falls Short Festival

Phoenix Shorts

Political Film Festival

San Francisco Int'l New Concept

Shorts Showcase Film Festival

Silver Mask Live Festival

Spotlight on Academics Film Festival

Stockholm Film Festival

Sweet Democracy Film Awards

Sydney Independent Short Film

Thinking Hat Film Challenge

Top Indie Awards

Under the Stars International Film Festival

Vancouver Independent Festival

World Film Carnival - Singapore

WYO Film Festival

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