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Learn the similarities of parenting in the animal kingdom and human experience

Learn how the preciousness of childhood memories serve you well

Learn how we can grieve unforeseen events

Multi-Award Winner. The narrator shares her lifelong fascination with penguins. Like humans, not all chicks look the same. They vary in size and plumage color. But bonding is an important part of raising a penguin, and the parents kiss their babies a lot. Family and friends provide a loving network in towns and villages called rookeries. As they get older, penguins proudly spread their wings and leave the nest.

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Accolade Global Film Competition

Best Shorts Awards Competition

Dream Catchers Honorable Mention

Dreamz Catcher Best Short Film

Land of Enchantment Best Faith-Based Film

Model N Movie Best Medical Short


Across the Globe Film Festival
Action on Film

Art of Recovery Film Festival

Bare Bones Documentary Festival
Chautauqua Film Festival
Chesapeake Film Festival

Dream Catchers United Film Festival

Dream Catcher International

Dubai Independent Film Festival
Faith and Spirituality Film Festival

Hague Global Cinema Festival

Hollywood Dreams

Hollywood Verge Film Awards

Hudson NY Shorts

Land Of Enchantment Family Festival

Lisbon Film Rendevous

Love International Film Festival

Mabig Film Festival

Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

Miracle  Makers International

Model N Movie International

Most Important Films International

Near Nazareth Film Festival

Odyssey Fest

One-Reeler Short Films

On-Line Box Office Film Festival

Orlando Film Festival

San Francisco Indie Short Festival

Siouxland Inspirational Short Films

VOB Film Festival

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