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Learn how to regain trust in ourselves and in our government

Learn how to replace indoctrination with education

Learn how to take inventory of your community

America has become a place where people have lost trust in themselves and in their government. Corruption abounds in every corner of society. The two-party system is in gridlock while politicians say there's no more money. Actually, there is. Perhaps it is time for an audit - not only for the financial components of this great country, but for the people who inhabit it.

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Awareness Festival Honorable Mention

Best Global Shorts Best Social Short

Black Swan Int'l Best Short Documentary

Christian Georgia Film Best Educational Film

Dallas Shorts Best Social Justice Short

Gold Star Film Awards Best Social Short

Impact Doc Award of Merit for Doc Short

LA Sun Times Best Short Documentary

Luis Bunuel Memorial Outstanding Acheivement

Mabig Film Festival Best Short Film

Silver Mask Live Best Social Short

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge Best Social Short


Accolade Global Film Competition

Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills

Awareness Festival

Black Swan International Film Festival

Best Global Shorts

Cannes Cinema Festival

Christian Georgia Film Online

Cinque Ports International Documentary Festival

Dallas Shorts

Gold Star Film Awards

Hollywood Gold Awards

Hollywood International Golden Age Festival

Impact Docs Awards

LA Sun Times Festival

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards

Mabig Film Festival

Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival

Near Nazareth Film Festival

New Filmmakers New Orleans

New Jersey Shorts Awards

New Short Filmmakers Austin

Oakland Awards

Phoenix Shorts

Portland New Alternative Voices

Sacramento World Film Festival

San Diego Shorts

Santa Barbara Shorts Festival

Silver Mask Live

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge

Toronto Indie Shorts

Washington Film Awards

Whistleblower Summit and Film Festival

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