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Learn the dangers of coronavirus to our children

Learn how the pandemic has affected our mental health

Learn ways to overcome loneliness and social isolation

Humans have neurotransmitters that regulate many functions in our brain and body. Serotonin is often referred to as the happy chemical because it helps regulate mood. However, social isolation and loneliness can affect serotonin levels, impair immune functions, and can boost inflammation which can lead to Arthritis, type II diabetes, and heart disease. 

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American Golden Picture Best Quarantine Film

Berlin Indie Best Short Documentary

Beyond Earth Best Short Documentary

Christian Film Festival Best Short Documentary

Christian Film Festival Best Educational Film

Christian Film Festival Best Movie Poster

Filmshort Creative Award Honorable Mention

Florida Shorts Best Documentary Short

Kiez Berlin Best Health & Medicine Film

Luis Bunuel Critic's Choice Awards

Phoenix Shorts Best Documentary Short

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge Honorable Mention


American Golden Picture International Film

Arts and SDGS Festival

Berlin Indie Film Festival

Best International Motion Pictures

Beyond Earth Film Festival

Christian Film Festival

Filmshort Creative Award

Florida Shorts

Hollywood South Urban Film Festival


Kiez Berlin Film Festival

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards

Nashville Independent Filmmakers Festival

Phoenix Shorts

Sacramento World Film Festival

San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival

Santa Clarita International Film Festival

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge

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