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Learn the many sides of a complicated issue

Honor victims of this growing epidemic

Learn how to gather facts, actively listen, and respond respectfully

On a cold snowy morning, Billy rehearses his speech on rampage shootings as he walks to school. Violence is the result of biological, social, and psychological factors. Though DNA cannot be altered, we can provide help for abuse, neglect, trauma, loss, rejection, and abandonment. Understanding human behavior will add depth to your views on violence, motivation, and mental wellness.

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Accolade Global Film Competition

Aud Pop Competition

Bare Bones First Prize

Global Shorts

Indie/Fest Film Awards

Shepherd House Best Short on Social Issues


Action on Film

Aud Pop Competition

Awareness Festival

Bare Bones Film Festival

Better Cities Film Festival

Hollywood Dreams Film Festival

I Will Tell You Film Festival

Kids First! Film Festival

Near Nazareth Film Festival

San Francisco New Concept Festival

Shepherd's House International Film Festival

VOB Film Festival

West Europe Film Festival

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