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Learn the facts about eating habits

Learn about supply and demand, information and choice

Learn how to do your part  to curb a national epidemic

Overweight people often experience prejudice and exclusion. Over 70% of obese people are ridiculed by a family member. Half of our population see nothing wrong with poking fun of a person's weight. Clinging to myths and untruths, people can be misguided - and, in some cases, cruel. To learn the truth about our problem with weight, we need to address the stigma, stereotype, and statistics. Educating yourself about food and exercise can be the first step in a healthier lifestyle. Stay active, stay well!

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Accolade Global Film Certificate of Merit

American Golden Picture Best Short Doc

American Golden Picture Best Editing

Black Swan Best Short Documentary

Cannes International Cinema Festival

Christian Georgia Film Best Short Documentary

Filmmakers United Intl Best Documentary

Gangtok Best Short Documentary

Impact Docs Award

IndieEye Best Documentary

Luis Bunuel Outstanding Achievement

Mabig Film Festival Best Documentary

Oasis Best Director-Producer-Documentary-Actor

Philadelphia World Film Festival

Royal Society of Television Best Documentary

Tokyo Shorts Best Documentary Short

World Film Carnival Best Doc / Critics Choice

World Premiere Film Awards Best Narration


Accolade Global Film Competition

Action on Film

American Golden Picture Awards

Amsterdam Short Film Festival

Anaheim International Film Festival

Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills

Atlanta Movie Awards

Best Documentary Award

Best Global Shorts

Black Swan International Film Awards

Boston Independent Film Awards

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

Cannes International Cinema Festival

Chhatrapati International Film Festival

Christian Georgia Film Online

Cult Critic Movie Awards

Dallas Shorts

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival

Dubai Independent Film Festival

Ethos Film Awards

Filmmakers United International Film Festival

Gangtok International Film Festival

Hollywood Golden Age Film Festival


IndieEye Film Awards

International Cosmopolitan Festival of Tokyo

Kids First! Film Festival

Knight of the Reel Awards

London Movie Awards

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards

Mabig Film Festival

Madrid Arthouse

New York International Film Awards

Oasis International Film Festival

Oniros Film Awards (New York)

Open Vision Film Festival

Phoenix Shorts

Red Movie Awards

Royal Society of Television & Music Picture Awards

Stockholm Film Festival

Tampa Bay Motion Picture Industry
Texas Film Festival

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge

Tokyo Shorts

Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT

World Film Carnival (Singapore)

World Premiere Film Awards

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