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Learn how the code of silence impacts innocent lives

Learn the importance of ethical training

Learn how to prevent the code of silence

In a perfect world, people who make commitments can be trusted to keep their word and abide by the rules. In today's world, there is the Code-of-Silence that exists in almost every profession, but especially more dangerous in law enforcement. Many officers enter the academy to uphold the law, to serve and protect the citizens of their community. But soon it becomes clear there is a fine line between upstanding and corrupt.

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Eastern Europe Int'l Best Crime Short Film

Gold Star Movie Awards Best Social Short

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards Best Crime Short

Oniros Film Awards Best Short Documentary

Red Film Strip Film Festival Best Documentary

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge Best Documentary

World Premiere Film Best Short Documentary

World Premiere Film Best Social Awareness Short


Eastern Europe International Movie Awards

Gold Star Movie Awards

Hollywood International Golden Age Festivalv

Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards

New Jersey Film Awards

Oniros Film Awards

Red Film Strip Film Festival

San Jose Independent Film Festival

Something Wicked DocuFest

Thinking Hat Fiction Challenge

World Premiere Film Awards

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