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PowerSplash Project is a multi-award winning innovative producer of intriguing concepts for students, educators, employees and managers. Our documentaries and training films are known for their brevity, style, sensitivity, and retention rate.  At the core of every film is positive self-image, awareness, civility, and responsibility. We want a viewer with a problem to know they are not alone and can change. We want a viewer without a problem to become more aware and compassionate for the viewer with the problem. We strive to connect and have a positive impact.

An interesting training film engages the viewer.  An effective training film educates the viewer.  An experiential training film motivates the viewer. We convey information in many ways on many levels. Sometimes silence or music  can convey a point better than any word.  Knowing time is scarce and attention spans are short, we diligently have designed creative, transformational training solutions 4 thru 25 minutes in length. 


Our vast library is for high school students, temporary workers, new hires, and seasoned professionals alike.


Each film is rich in diversity, encourages self-assessment, promotes engagement & curiosity, as well as challenge everyone to reach their full potential.

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Impact of Being Human

See how your mental health impacts the community.

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