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Alan J. Chriest is nice, fun, unique and modest. Aside from his diverse styles of announcing and storytelling, he has dozens of fully realized character voices.  A true pro with a passion for voiceovers and classic cartoons, he is a self-starter and a team player in the creative environment.
Mr. Chriest is proud to be represented by Stars Agency in San Francisco. 
For auditions and bookings, please contact Stars  Agency at 415.421.6272.
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How to Create a Voice Over Demo

We get this question a lot. Becoming a good voice over performer takes desire, talent, and practice. Of course, it is always beneficial to take classes and network with those in the business.

Step One:

Know your voice and its strengths. Know its capabilities and its range. Having command of your voice is paramount to being a consistent, dependable voice over talent.

Step Two:

Decide the range of your voice. Are you suited for announcing, narration, characters, dialects, comedy, drama, impressions, dubbing or translations?

Step Three:

Select materials that suit your voice, ability, style and range. You may write your own commercials, spots, routines, tag lines - or you can listen to the radio, television or web and write down material that fits your voice. A demo CD or MP3 file should not extend beyond two minutes. And keep in mind that most agents will only listen to the first 20 seconds. It is imperative your voice sounds believable, professional, confident, clear, and demonstrate a variety of deliveries.

Step Four:

Develop your script and practice, practice, practice. Ensure your delivery is smooth and articulate. It really does help to practice in front of family and friends. After all, if you do become a voice over performer, you will be auditioning and/or recording in front of people.

Step Five:

Record your selected material either using your own CD/computer recording equipment or hiring a professional recording studio. Either way, the quality must be excellent as it will reflect your brand. Edit your performance so that it  1) is concise,  2) moves quickly,  3) showcases your talent, and 4) does not exceed 2 minutes.

Step Six:

Research agents in your area. It is best to locate state licensed franchised agencies as they are licensed by each state and abide by union rules and state laws. There are useful lists of agencies that can purchased in stores or on-line (as well as free lists that can be obtained through a search engine). 

Step Seven:

Before sending an MP3 file or CD Disc to an agent, please write to them for permission. Include your resume.

Step Eight:

Remember that it's selection, not rejection. Good luck!

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