One Minute Solutions

35 powerful short HR training films

Schedules and deadlines.

Skill sets and training.

Conflicts and resolutions.

Hundreds of moving parts must move in just the precise direction to complete projects on time, and tension arises when poor behavior or poor training grinds progress to a halt. Now there's a fast easy-to-use motivational series that will get everyone on board.

One Minute Solutions is a seven week, one minute a day motivational training program of soft skills and behavioral guidance. It provides ways for employees to understand their managers, and ways for managers to understand their employees. Even the most highly skilled personnel may have habits that need improvement. During the seven weeks, everyone in your organization will learn how to replace poor working habits with productive habits while increasing confidence, productivity, and efficiency. Each day at the end of the one minute film, participants will download the script and receive a brief assignment to ponder.

Benefits of Guilt
  • Learn how guilt sends an emotional warning.

  • Learn the process of releasing guilt.

Communicating Clearly
  • Learn the power of communicating clearly.

  • Learn how to handle opposing views.

Conflict Awareness
  • Learn how negative talk is toxic.

  • Learn to make the wor

Conflict Resolution
  • Learn techniques to resolve conflicts.

  • Learn the importance of respect.

Consumer Behaviors
  • Learn what displeases consumers.

  • Learn the potential for increasing profits.

Customer Service
  • Learn the basics of good service.

  • Learn the importance of follow-up.

Dealing with Complaining
  • Learn how to understand the complainer.

  • Learn how to support yourself.

Employee Engagement
  • Experience a fun social exercise.

  • Learn the importance of communication skills.

Empower Yourself
  • Show you are able and intelligent.

  • Show you can make the right decisions.

Gossip and the Grapevine
  • Learn positive gossip from negative gossip.

  • Learn civil ways of communicating.

How to Wake Up Your Body
  • Learn how to wake up your body.

  • Learn to think positive thoughts.

How to Wake Up Your Brain
  • Learn how to perk up at work.

  • Customize techniques that work for you.

Improvements through Change
  • Learn how you feel about change.

  • Learn the benefits of change.

Improving Self-Esteem
  • Learn how self-esteem fulfills itself.

  • Learn how building self-esteem is internal.

IT Security
  • Learn how IT security involves employees.

  • Learn 10 essential prevention measures.

Make It A Fun Day
  • Learn how employee engagement can be fun.

  • Learn ways to include fun in the workplace.

Maximizing Optimism
  • See what optimism looks like.

  • Learn the benefits of positive emotions.

Minimizing Negativity
  • Learn it is normal to perceive trouble.

  • Learn it is beneficial to feel empowered.

Nature of Office Politics
  • Learn how strained relationships affect work.

  • Learn how to avoid negative office politics. 

Number One Focus
  • Learn how you impact customer service.

  • Learn the diverse components of customers.

Opinions, Beliefs, and Facts
  • Learn that truth is fact, without feeling.

  • Learn to be aware of what you're thinking.

Organizing your Desktop
  • Learn that clutter is not due to lack of space.

  • Learn that your desk is your command center.

Qualities of Great Leadership
  • Learn if leadership skills can be learned.

  • Learn how to be a great leader.

Rationale of Complaining
  • Learn why people complain.

  • Learn why it is better to vent.

Reduce the Habit of Complaining
  • Learn complaining does not solve problems.

  • Learn techniques to reduce complaining.

Safety Awareness
  • Learn the importance of being aware.

  • Learn to commit to good safety practices.

Self-Actualization at Work
  • Learn the traits of self-actualization.

  • Learn to be patient achieving goals.

Set the Tone for a Productive Day
  • Learn to be careful what you say to yourself.

  • Learn to speak well of yourself.

Starting the Work Day
  • Learn the importance of positive self-talk.

  • Learn how to be organized at start of shift.

Strategy to Attain Efficiency
  • Learn the costs of inefficiencies.

  • Learn to celebrate accomplishments.

Successful Habits of Motivated People
  • Follow the habits that lead to success.

  • Learn to incorporate successful habits.

Taking Care of Yourself Every Day
  • Learn how to take care of yourself at work.

  • Select innovative techniques to work on.

Traits of a Valuable Employee
  • Learn traits that managers respect most.

  • Learn how to be a valuable employee.

What Employees Should Know
  • Learn the importance of a company manual.

  • Ensure you are informed of company information.

What Successful Employees Do Every Day
  • Learn the traits of successful employees.

  • Learn the importance of your mindset.

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