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When storms arise and the ground is uncertain,
let the light within you be your guide.

"We got dreams in our hands, better days ahead and bigger plans, opportunities and chance, all in our hands. We got hope in our hands, the courage to face all of life's demands, the faith that it takes to take a stand, all in our hands. There's a whole world waiting to be seen, there's a life that we've imagined, only in our dreams, and it's right here where we stand, all in here our hands." Song written and performed by Justin Busch.

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Christian Georgia Film Online Best Music Video

Toronto Indie Shorts Best Music Video

Creation International Best Music Video

FUIFF Awards United Kingdom Best Interfaith

Winter Knights Best Music Video


American Golden Picture International

Arts and SDGS Festival

Christian Film Festival

Christian Georgia Film Online

Creation International Film Festival

FUIFF Awards United Kingdom

ICA - International Cultural Artifact

International Music Video Awards

Kids First! Film Festival


LOGIHQ International Happiness Film Festival

Maui Film Festival

Munich Music Video Awards

Nieves International Christian Film Festival

Oniros Film Awards (New York)

San Francisco Indie Short Festival

Santa Clarita Film Festival

Toronto Indie Shorts

Winter Knights

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